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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Drug Companies are a Major Cause of

Treatment-Resistant Depression

by Jurriaan Plesman, BA (Psych), Post Grad Dip Clin Nutr
Many people using psychotropic drugs for depression have become a victims of the pharmaceutical companies, that actively promote drugs for the treatment of mood disorders. Once you are on the drug merry-go-round, it may take years to overcome the toxic effects of multiple drugs on receptors for normal neurotransmitters in the brain. Of course, people become hooked on drugs! You cannot do without them! You are now dependent of drugs to feel normal. You seem to be no different from a drug-addict. They believe in drugs and when they don't work psychiatrists will try out alternative drugs of which there are many. I believe that the monopolistic selling of psychotropic drugs is a major cause of "treatment resistant" depression. And the pharmaceutical companies are glad to have drug-using patients on board to promote the sale of these drugs to other non-suspecting victims that happen to join discussion boards on depression. The tragedy is that so many gullible drug consumers have placed the psychiatric profession on a pedestal, with a religious fervour.
But drug companies are self-serving supra-national organizations, beyond the control of local governments, as are other self-serving corporations that have now caused the downfall of the free enterprise free-market capitalistic system.
The psychiatric profession is no more than a front-shop for psychotropic drugs that we all know may benefit only a minority of patients. The reality is that drugs are of no benefit to the majority of depressed patients. See:
Studies showing the ineffectiveness of drug and/or psychotherapy for depression. Shown here .
The role of drug companies has been well documented in:
"After falling behind economically in competition with psychosocial approaches, psychiatry formed what the American Psychiatric Association admitted in 1992 is a 'partnership' with the drug companies. Organized psychiatry has become wholly dependent for financial support on the unholy collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry. To deny the effectiveness of drugs or to admit their dangerousness would result in huge economic losses on every level from the individual psychiatrist who makes his or her living by prescribing medication, to the American Psychiatric Association, which thrives on drug company largesse. " Source: Gary Null
"In 1990, psychiatrist Matthew Dumont suggested that psychiatry give up its coquettish claims to psychotherapy and openly declare itself an arm of the drug industry". Ibid Page 43
Drug companies control most universities who could not operate without the largesse of international drug companies. For example, do you know any university that offers a course and qualification in Clinical Nutrition or Nutritional Psychology? No, you can only obtain these qualifications OUTSIDE conventional universities.
Long-term users of psychotropic drugs have real problem withdrawing from them, as their toxic effects have harmed receptors for healthy neurotransmitters. Hence there is no quick-fix nutritional therapy to heal the cellular damage.
Drugs are only beneficial to a small minority of patients, but even so, do not "cure" them of depression! They hook most patients on drugs for possibly the rest of their lives, which is exactly why the drug trade - legal or illegal - is so unmanageable and make such tremendous profits for criminal gangs and legal corporations and their investors. The drug trade - legal or illegal - is just outside the control of ANY governemnt. Legal drug companies also control political parties both in the USA and other Western countries. See here and here.
Also, please study: Codex Alimentarius how drug companies use the United Nations in trying to curtail the free access to nutritional supplements and natural health.
From my experience people who have been on drugs for any length of time, take extra-ordinary professional knowledge and experience to treat this by nutritional means. Xenobiotic drugs have confounded their depression and most victims would not have the experience or knowledge to overcome this by sheer self-help techniques.
What really upsets me that many drug-using depressed people who are victims of the sale of pharmaceutical drug companies, take it upon themselves to "advise" naive depressed patients to visit "their GP" as a first step in their treatment. This renders drug-induced treatment resistant depression a socially contagious disease, not unlike the one we find among illegal drug-users.

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